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Feature Course for May 2017—CPTP Employee Interaction with Prison Inmates WBT

CPTP is pleased to announce the release of our newest web-based course: CPTP Employee Interaction with Prison Inmates WBT. This course has been created to increase the awareness of responsibilities of employees in regards to the interaction with prison inmates.

The Division of Administration utilizes prison inmates to perform certain functions in the buildings and on the grounds in order to preserve the state’s financial resources. Do you know what to do if you see an inmate in the elevator or in a bathroom? Do you know how to react if you see an inmate steal? This course will inform learners exactly how to deal with these situations and others.

This course includes a thorough breakdown of the responsibilities for all employees. Learners will be given real-life scenarios of possible interactions with inmates. The course further details the rules given to inmates on prohibited inmate behavior. The final assessment will be questions based on the responsibility scenarios.

The course is available in LEO as CPTP_Interaction_with_Inmates_WBT. To find the course, use the search term, Inmates, in the find box.