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Feature Course for November 2016

The cost of employee turnover to any organization is high. According to a recent study, it costs an organization an average of 75% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them in non -professional positions and 150% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them in professional or managerial positions. Considering the exorbitant costs associated with employee turnover, it is imperative for organizations to select the correct candidates to fill vacant positions.

A large amount of turnover can be attributed to candidates who were hired into positions for which they weren’t a good fit. This course will provide participants with a consistent format to use when selecting candidates to ensure that the proper selection is made in the first place.

Participants will apply the basic requirements of employment laws and also perform a skills analysis and prepare behavior-based interview questions for use in an employment interview. Additionally, participants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate effective interviewing skills and assess the qualifications of candidates for a specific job opening,

We invite you to enroll in the “Conducting an Effective Job Interview” instructor-led course. Offerings for this course can be found in the LEO system.