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Statewide Competency Model Initiative

CPTP is undertaking a statewide initiative to create a statewide competency model. This data-driven model will identify the top competencies needed by all state employees. Additionally, the creation of the statewide model also creates a starting point for CPTP to assist agencies and departments to create specific agency or even job models. We expect the project to be complete by the end of the fiscal year. Click on the documents below to read more about this project.

CPTP Competency Model Video
Competency Model Project
Competency Model Interview Questions and Selection Activities for Statewide Competencies

New CPTP Webinars: The Success Series

CPTP is excited to announce yet another way to access important training and professional development for state and public employees. In addition to our traditional classroom courses and cutting-edge web courses, starting in February 2016 CPTP will offer monthly training webinars. The CPTP Success Series of webinars features monthly topics designed to give learners practical takeaways and food for thought. Included in the first six webinars are sessions on improving communication, taking control of your time, and recruiting and interviewing techniques, among others.

Hosted by CPTP’s Christee Atwood, these webinars will provide an entertaining hour of self-development packed with useful strategies and techniques you can start using as soon as the webinar ends! If you’re looking for professional development for you or your staff, but can’t commit to an all-day session, then the CPTP Success Series webinars might be just the thing you’re looking for! Webinars will be held the third Thursday of every month at 1pm. To register for the webinars, Click here.