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Training - C5 - Promoting Efficiency Courses

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Benchmarking Basics – WBT

This course is designed to help you discover new ways to stay at the top of the competitive high-performance chain by providing you with a basic understanding of benchmarking and the process involved in using benchmarking to increase performance.

Five Choices to Productivity (1 Day)

Franklin Covey’s 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

The Promise:
There are five choices that, when consistently made, ensure that you will achieve extraordinary productivity in your work and life. This class presents and explains the 5 Choices as well as demonstrates how to implement the practices.

Managing and Improving Work Processes (1 Day)

This 1-day class examines how work processes impact work effectiveness. Participants will learn how to analyze current work processes, develop a process performance tracking system, break down processes into tasks and apply a process improvement strategy. Skills learned in this class will be applicable to the management of any work process.

Learning Objectives:
- Analyze current work processes using specific tools and techniques
- Illustrate how linked processes affect internal and external customers
- Develop a process performance tracking system
- Apply techniques to break down processes into smaller, less intimidating tasks
- Assess leadership competencies required to process management and improvement

Job Outcomes:
- Manages and plans work as a process rather than focusing only on individual jobs
- Designs work processes to meet the needs of customers of the work group
- Measures and monitors outputs of work processes
- Works to ensure that work processes are as simple as possible
- Changes work processes when a new approach appears better

NOTE: This course is scheduled only as a special


Managing Work Time Effectively (1/2 Day)

This ½-day class examines the habits we have in managing our time, and how the concepts of importance and urgency affect our productivity. Participants will identify the activities that determine their use of time and will learn and practice an effective method for planning and prioritizing tasks.

Learning Outcomes:
- Apply proactive strategies to remove the barriers to effective and efficient time management.
- Plan and prioritize work activities while taking into account short and long-term objectives.

This class is open to all employees.


Planning and Accountability (2 Days)

This 2-day class is designed to facilitate the performance measures phase of the strategic planning process. The course will provide an introduction to the role of performance management, an overview of the strategic planning process, and tools to develop methods to measure results.

Learning Objectives:
- Explain the roles and functions of performance management
- Link performance measurement to the strategic planning process
- Formulate and document performance measures to meet agency objectives
- Use performance measures to gauge performance
- Develop a plan for tracking and updating performance measures

Job Outcomes:
- Applies a long-term perspective when developing strategic plans
- Develops performance measures that fit with the department/office long-term vision
- Adjusts strategic plans in response to changes inside and outside the department

This class open to managers/supervisors and employees involved in their agency’s strategic planning process.  Note: This course is scheduled only as a special.


Prioritizing Tasks with Agency Mission and Values - WBT

Using established time management strategies, this course offers general guidelines and practical techniques for prioritizing tasks using the mission and vision of an agency. Apply time management strategies to determine and address important/urgent tasks. Determine and prioritize mission critical tasks. Discuss the role of Strategic Alignment. Prioritize your own schedule in accordance with agency mission and goals.

Strategic Planning - WBT

This course is intended to help supervisors and employees understand the strategic planning process. It is not designed for upper-level managers involved in strategic planning. Managers who are involved in the strategic planning process should take the CPTP instructor-led course: Planning and Accountability. After you complete this course, you will be able to define strategic planning; explain the purpose and scope of strategic planning; identify the components of a basic strategic plan; and discuss your role in strategic planning.

Supervisor's Toolbox: Managing and Improving Work Processes - WBT

This course is designed to give supervisors a variety of tools to manage, analyze, and improve work processes. Seven different tools are covered, including Process Mapping, Role and Responsibility Analysis, and the 5S method. Downloadable templates and other resources are available for each tool to help supervisors apply these methods. This course uses adaptive testing – the test changes with each answer given – within a realistic scenario.

Time Management - WBT

The key to high productivity lies in setting priorities and managing time. Time management skills provide individuals with the ability to identify important tasks, plan time strategically, and manage emergencies effectively. In this course, learners will understand the importance of effective time management, learn strategies to effectively manage time, and develop good time management habits.

Using PICK Charts to Prioritize - WBT

Want to improve your department but don’t know where to start? Trying to solve a problem that has many solutions? Overwhelmed by options? Try using a PICK chart to make the decision easier. A PICK Chart is a visual organization tool that will help you prioritize multiple tasks, action items, possible solutions, etc., based on impact and difficulty.

Workforce Planning (1 Day)

This 1-day course reviews the workforce planning process. Participants will learn what workforce planning is and will work through exercises in which they will create a workforce plan.

Participants will learn how to:
- Create a demand and supply profile
- Perform a gap analysis
- Create, implement, monitor, and revise a workforce plan.

This class is open to employees involved in creating their agency's workforce plan.


Work-life Balance: Balancing Your Life - WBT

This course discusses work-life balance. Upon completion of this course you will be able to define work-life balance, analyze your current state of balance, apply strategies to balance your life, and utilize techniques to maintain your balance.

Working through Challenging Times - WBT

This course will provide you with tools and techniques, which you can customize to meet your needs, to help you work through a specific challenge in your life.