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Training - 2012 Supervisory Group 3 Courses

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Individual Differences and Diversity in the Workplace (1 Day)

This 1-day course will examine the ways we handle the individual differences among people in the workplace. Participants will learn how and why we have different perceptions about people and how those perceptions can affect teamwork and productivity in positive and negative ways. Participants will practice dealing with different dimensions of diversity in structured exercises and learn how to create a climate in which all employees’ contributions are recognized and appreciated.

Learning Objectives:
- Apply approaches to foster an environment in which people from diverse backgrounds work cooperatively and effectively in achieving organizational goals
- Create a work group that values and understands diversity
- Develop methods, behaviors, and attitudes helpful in managing a diverse workforce

Job Outcomes:
- Recognizes the value of individual differences at all levels of the organization
- Creates a climate in which everyone is respected and recognized for their contributions
- Provides employment and development opportunities to support a diverse group of employees

This class is open to all employees.


Managing and Improving Work Processes (1 Day)

This 1-day class examines how work processes impact work effectiveness. Participants will learn how to analyze current work processes, develop a process performance tracking system, break down processes into tasks and apply a process improvement strategy. Skills learned in this class will be applicable to the management of any work process.

Learning Objectives:
- Analyze current work processes using specific tools and techniques
- Illustrate how linked processes affect internal and external customers
- Develop a process performance tracking system
- Apply techniques to break down processes into smaller, less intimidating tasks
- Assess leadership competencies required to process management and improvement

Job Outcomes:
- Manages and plans work as a process rather than focusing only on individual jobs
- Designs work processes to meet the needs of customers of the work group
- Measures and monitors outputs of work processes
- Works to ensure that work processes are as simple as possible
- Changes work processes when a new approach appears better

NOTE: This course is scheduled only as a special


Planning and Accountability (2 Days)

This 2-day class is designed to facilitate the performance measures phase of the strategic planning process. The course will provide an introduction to the role of performance management, an overview of the strategic planning process, and tools to develop methods to measure results.

Learning Objectives:
- Explain the roles and functions of performance management
- Link performance measurement to the strategic planning process
- Formulate and document performance measures to meet agency objectives
- Use performance measures to gauge performance
- Develop a plan for tracking and updating performance measures

Job Outcomes:
- Applies a long-term perspective when developing strategic plans
- Develops performance measures that fit with the department/office long-term vision
- Adjusts strategic plans in response to changes inside and outside the department

This class open to managers/supervisors and employees involved in their agency’s strategic planning process.  Note: This course is scheduled only as a special.


Supervisor's Toolbox: Managing and Improving Work Processes - WBT

This course is designed to give supervisors a variety of tools to manage, analyze, and improve work processes. Seven different tools are covered, including Process Mapping, Role and Responsibility Analysis, and the 5S method. Downloadable templates and other resources are available for each tool to help supervisors apply these methods. This course uses adaptive testing – the test changes with each answer given – within a realistic scenario.