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CPTP Announces Leadership Connection

Louisiana’s classified state supervisors gain knowledge, learn new techniques and study best practices through CPTP’s Mandatory Supervisory Training Program. Supervisors who complete the Core and G1 Program are exposed to information on coaching, motivating, documentation, disciplinary procedures, situational leadership theory, emotional intelligence, best practices for communicating and implementing change and process mapping, among many other topics.

It can take up to three years for supervisors to complete both programs, and up to another year for Group 2 Supervisors. These programs represent a significant investment of time and effort. Yet learning science tells us that most of what is trained is forgotten, if the brain is not signaled that the knowledge is important. In other words, learners have to use what they learn (or at least be reminded of it) in order to retain the knowledge long-term.

So what about those important things supervisors learn, but don’t use all the time? For example, consider process mapping. Some processes may remain static for years. When it comes time to use these skills, a supervisor who hasn’t worked with process mapping for years may be no better equipped to perform than a supervisor who hasn’t been trained at all.

So, how can our learners better retain what they’ve spent time and effort learning? We have a few techniques to help:

1. Incorporate as much of the new information as possible into your daily work. If you learned something new in a class, don’t set the manual or resources on a shelf for when you can “get to them.” Instead, find ways to incorporate new knowledge, techniques or best practices into what you do now. Learned new motivational techniques? Try them out on those you lead. Recognized some problems with a work team? Use the suggestions you heard about in class to try to solve them. The more you incorporate new knowledge into your daily activities, the better your long-term retention will be.

2. Revisit things you’ve learned regularly. For web courses, this is easy! Web courses are available on demand, and you can retake them (or even parts of them) as many times as you like without altering your transcript. Want to remember what the customer interaction cycle was about? Open Customer Service Overview WBT and revisit that part of the course. All of the in-course resources for web-based training as well as all of our instructor-led course participant manuals are available on the CPTP website. So you can revisit important points and notes about an instructor-led course you took in the past. Just seeing the manual pages again may trigger your memory of class discussions, and will help increase long-term retention. Click here for web-based course resources and here for instructor-led course manuals!

3. Subscribe to Leadership Connection,  CPTP’s new quarterly retention booster!   CPTP is launching a new electronic, quarterly news blast that links our learners to curated articles and resources that will update and expand your knowledge of topics taught in the Mandatory Supervisory Training Program or that lead to a better understanding and acquisition of the statewide or supervisory competencies. Resources and articles are chosen from top content providers like Harvard Business Review and HR.com among many others. New supervisors will be subscribed to Leadership Connection upon completion of their G1 Capstone starting in March 2018. If you’ve already completed your program and would like to be subscribed, drop us an email at cptplso.coordinator@la.gov and we will set you up. We will also archive Leadership Connection on our Performance Support page, here.

If you’ve found other ways to enhance and retain your training knowledge, let us know! The more tips and techniques we share, the more likely it is that Louisiana will....

Keep on learning!

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