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May 2017 Blog Post

May is for getting your MOJO back!

In April, CPTP completed the second season of Success Series Webinars with a session entitled, “Get Your Mojo Back!” We discovered that there’s a lot of “Good Mojo” in our State as viewers submitted names of individuals who have inspired them to greater heights. And the webinar discussion helped us realize that there’s always room for development in this area.

“Mojo” is our passion and excitement for what we do and it’s what keeps us engaged in our work. It’s fueled when we take on new challenges, when we work to develop our skills, and when we show our willingness to learn.

We discovered a number of ideas to help “Get Your Mojo Back!” during the webinar. Here’s a sampling:

  • Remind yourself of what you love about your job. Is it the people you work with? Is it the people you get to help? Is it the skills and abilities you get to use? Is it the opportunity to grow and learn? Take time to rediscover what’s important to you in your position and look for ways to reconnect with that joy each day.
  • Try something new. Trying something new can re-energize everything else in your life. It might be a class you decide to take. It could be learning a new language. Maybe it’s a bucket list item. The same energy you receive from those new experiences will spill over into the other areas of your life.
  • Address stress. Yes, stress is a normal part of life, but some people seem to handle it more effectively. If it’s getting to be a negative force in your life, try breaking down big tasks into smaller ones. Find activities that help lower your stress level, like meditation, music, and conversation with friends. And don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • Hang around inspiring people. Just as being around negative people can bring us down, positive and inspiring individuals help us to see the good in the world around us. They’re those individuals who remind us that the challenges we face are the very experiences that make us stronger. Additionally, they just make us feel good because of their sunny outlooks on life.
  • Want more tips? Download the handout on the Success Series webpage for more ideas and websites that have great tools for rediscovering your Mojo.

Here are just a few of the individuals in Louisiana who were cited as inspiring individuals by webinar viewers: Troylyn Billew, Toby Comeaux, Keith Cunningham, Byron Decoteau, Libby Gonzales, Sharon Gonzales, Sharon Hebert, Dana LeBherz, Myra Musgrove, Michelle Norwood, Melinda Robert, Ken Schnauder, Rainette Stephens, Dana Tate, Doug Traylor, Lester Turner, Makayla Weber-Harris, Linda Winnfield

Let’s keep adding to the list by recognizing those who inspire us each day and remembering to tell them that they make our workplace a better place to be. And let’s keep working so that we have our names added to someone’s list of inspiring people.

Keep on inspiring. And keep on learning!

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