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November 2016 Blog Post

The Power of Infographics

Everyone has his or her own way of learning. Some like to read, while others prefer visuals. Infographics are the perfect medium to bridge this gap. We, at CPTP, create infographics for performance support tools to help you access information quickly. We add infographics, which convey the key points, as resources in our new courses. We have also used infographics to help simplify troubleshooting course issues, summarize current projects, and detail requirements for training.

Why do we use infographics?

Infographics are captivating, visual stories that are revolutionizing many industries, particularly training and education. They have the power to catch the thoughts of everyone. These visual stories transform dull and plain text material into vibrant artwork that is entertaining and attractive. Their colors contrast. Their fonts are bold. Their graphics are filled with symbolism. An excellent infographic will grab your attention at first glance, helping you to see what exactly the story is trying to depict.

Infographics allow for mass communication. They are able to reach the masses in the blink of an eye. Since infographics are created online, it’s easy to attach them to just about anything. They have the capability of being emailed, posted for view on a website, or shared on social media to reach countless amounts of followers. It doesn’t just stop there; you can even transfer infographics to a jump drive to show a coworker or print it out in poster form to hang in your office hallways. Other mediums aren’t as easily shared and transferrable.

Infographics simplify concepts for the reader by incorporating graphics and design elements that explain the text. They enable viewers to see information in maps, graphs, charts, comparisons, flow charts, and step-by-step breakdowns. Studies have proven people are more likely to remember a visual they have seen versus information they have read. With the clarification and simplification from infographics, viewers are able to learn and easily remember.

Below is an infographic showing the same information as above. Which is more appealing to you? Which would you rather read? Which do you easily remember?

We hope you are enjoying this new format and look forward to your feedback.

Keep on learning!

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