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Every Day for Every Citizen – A Louisiana Pop-Up Video

The “Every Day for Every Citizen – A Louisiana Pop-Up Video” follows the morning routine of a Louisiana citizen, depicting how she encounters numerous services provided by multiple State Agencies and how those services enrich all of our lives daily. The concept emphasizes that state employees really do work hard every day, for every citizen. It will be available to view on our social media platforms.

Follow State Civil Service on social media to see how state employees continue to work #EveryDayforEveryCitizen.

The responsible and effective Market Adjustment system from State Civil Service aims to help state agencies reduce costly turnover, increase employee productivity, and provide quality services to the citizens of Louisiana. Learn more below:  #EveryDayforEveryCitizen   #lagov

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*Please note that the State of LA is not responsible for postings viewed outside of the LA Careers system. Applicants must apply during the open period for announced vacancies, and late applications, no matter their source, will not be accepted.

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